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News and Tourist tips from Simon's Town

Baboons on the loose…

Posted by Amanda on Wed August 18, 2010 in Simon's Town.

What an eventful morning!

Whilst enjoying the usual sightings of the Southern Right Whales cruising in the ocean below at Glencairn Beach I was suddenly jolted into reality.

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They're back

Posted by Amanda on Sat July 17, 2010 in Simon's Town.

I have been busting at the seams eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Southern Right Whales again in False Bay, Simonstown.

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The Southern Right Whales have arrived in False Bay

Posted by Amanda on Mon August 24, 2009 in Simon's Town.

I get so excited every year when the Southern Right Whales come into False Bay! You can never get enough of these majestic creatures but to get that ‘winning’ photo is another story. Whale watching is as easy as spotting one of the Big 5 in one of the African Game Parks…. look for the traffic congestion on the side of the road and there you will find the whale.. it’s the lazy way but it works!

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