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Baboons on the loose…

Posted by Amanda on Wed August 18, 2010 in Simon's Town.

What an eventful morning!

Whilst enjoying the usual sightings of the Southern Right Whales cruising in the ocean below at Glencairn Beach I was suddenly jolted into reality.

Rusty and Lucky (our rescue dogs) were excitedly barking at something on Bennett Close, the road we live in. As I peered over our balcony I saw a whole troop of Baboons raiding the rubbish bins. There were baboons of all ages eating mostly fruit scraps from the bin and leaving a path of destruction behind them.

I quickly closed all of our windows and doors so they couldn’t get into our house as I have been told they come and help themselves to your fridge and cupboards - clever animals!

Our neighbours had part of the troop sitting on their balcony eating apples whilst they watched from inside and tried to make noises to scare them off. More of the family walked casually up our side wall and sat on our back wall for a while looking for something else to eat. They plucked some yellow flowers from a nearby bush and carried these away with them, looking very sweet and innocent. As destructive as Baboons can be in neighbourhoods how could you not think that a Baboon carrying flowers wasn’t adorable :)

I will share the video footage with you that I took but I just need to resize it first.

Meanwhile I will go back to watching the 5 whales at Glencairn Beach and many more breaching in the middle of False Bay in the distance.