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Xmas Cheer at Simon’s Town Guest House

Posted by Amanda on Sun January 2, 2011 in Simon's Town.

We have been so fortunate this year to have had the most wonderful guests at Simon’s Town Guest House and Christmas Day was no exception.

We decided to treat our guests to a few added extra’s on Chrismas morning along with the usual satisfying breakfast. I got up early to wrap some tinsel decorations around the house and put a unique Christmas tree in the Dining Room (unique as in it is a dead tree branch that blew into our backyard one day that I thought would look awesome as a table decoration).


Our Guests were treated to some very tasty chocolate brownies, shortbread and smoked salmon, mushroom, cheese and chive omelettes (or any other fillings they fancied). For a bit of extra fun we placed colourful Christmas Crackers (Bon-Bons) at their tables and they were given a locally made beaded Christmas Tree decoration as a small gift from us… either an Angel or a Reindeer. Oh… and we can’t forget the Christmas Carols and my Santa hat as an added bonus :)

We had guests from the U.S.A, France and our first ever guests from Finland who all really enjoyed the special attention they received and of course… wearing their Bon Bon party hats! I might have had to encourage them a little :)

Now Christmas 2011 is still 51 weeks away but I am already starting to plan for a special one.