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Noordhoek Country Fair is on again

Posted by Amanda on Fri October 29, 2010 in Simon's Town.

This Sunday the 31st of October, 2010 will be the annual Noordhoek Country Fair. We went last year for the first time and were pleasantly surprised with the organisation and efforts that had gone into making it such a fun event. There were tonnes of stalls presenting local artists talents, live music, animal rides, food stalls and lots more. We spent almost half a day there as the weather was superb and there was just so much to see and do.

A friend of mine is a member of the ‘Toad Nuts’ (Noordhoek’s unpaid Toad Savers) and mentioned they will be having a stand there to make more people aware of the endangered ‘Western Leopard Toad’ and how we can help protect it.

We will definitely be going again this year to support the good work the local people of Noordhoek are doing to raise awareness for local environment and conservation issues.

I will update you with some pics after the event.

Cost: R20 Adults, R5 Child

Opening Times: 9.00am to 5.00pm

Venue: Noordhoek Common

For more information you can contact 021 789 2072