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It's a dog's world

Posted by Amanda on Sat September 25, 2010 in Simon's Town.

You will be happy to know that our rescue boys (dogs), Lucky and Rusty have settled nicely into our beautiful new home, Simonstown Guesthouse. Even they enjoy the views from the deck and love to sunbake on the hot tiles.

Not only are there the Southern Right Whales to watch but there also dophins, big schools of fish, flocks of birds, kite surfing on a windy day at Glencairn Beach, or just regular surfing or swimming. They also love to watch other dogs being walked on the beach or children playing in the sand. Lucky in particular is mesmorised by any activity at the beach or on False bay.

We went for our usual walk last night along the coastal train track beside the Glencairn Railway Station, heading towards Simonstown. The sun had disappered behind the mountains so we were left with a beautiful pink sky over False Bay. Not a sole was around and I felt like I was in my own piece of heaven as we heading towards the glowing lights of Simonstown and a full moon rising.

We walked peacefully along the shores in silence, breathing in the fresh air until I was suddenly jolted back into reality by a Southern Right Whale breaching right beside us only one hundred metres or less from the shore. It scared the life out of me as I hadn’t seen the whales swimming. Our silence turned into excitement and me repeatedly saying ‘WOW’. It breached one last time but I was not fast fast enough to capture it on my cell phone.

Instead, I decided to take a couple of pictures of my doggies enjoying their evening walk in one of the most beautiful places of the world – Cairnside, Simonstown.